Final Project: GameMaker Studio 2

Working from the My First Game Code Tutorial, create your own version of the “arena shooter” genre game.

Replace all built in assets with your own graphics and audio. Add features like different enemies, a boss level, power ups, high score trackers, animated sprites, etc.

Document your game development with photos and videos, and post them to your blog.

On the final day of class, demonstrate your game and vote on your favorites using the form at:

The results are in! Here is the summary of results for the student choice awards:

Best Sound/Graphics/Design: Valeria!

Best Programming/Gameplay: Alonso!

Best Fun/Balance/Overall: Rodrigo!


Assignment 4: HTML Adventure

Create a ‘choose your own adventure’ website out of HTML and CSS, feature photos you take around school. Your story should have at least three separate endings, but the more complexity in your story, the better! Each page should feature and image and text.

Extra credit: add interactivity or an element of randomness using Javascript.

Assignment 2: Board Game Design

Create a board game based on a video game. Make a post describing how you analyzed the video game and what elements of the game mechanics and story you used to translate the essence of the video game into the tabletop environment. Include pictures of your playtest, as well as notes you received from your testers. What worked well in your game design? What elements would you improve or extend if you had more time to work on this project? How did you organize your team to tackle the different problems that arose during development?